Organization of the festival

The « Plein la Bobine » Organization

The Organization presents the 14th edition of Plein la Bobine, a film festival for young people in the “Massif du Sancy”. It aims are to organise all-year round educational activities connected with the cinema for young people in the “Massif du Sancy” and to help the Plein la Bobine festival take place in the best possible conditions…

Plein la Bobine is currently run by Chairman Sebastien Mauras, accompanied by Geoffrey Adam, Morgane Eydieux…


The Festival Team

Guillaume Bonhomme, coordinator – administration – g.bonhomme[ at ]

Manon Guérin, coordinator – artistic director m.guerin[ at ]

Anne Leymarie, coordinator – mediation and publics – a.leymarie[ at ]

Vanessa Fernandes, communication and medias – v.fernandes[ at ]

Cindy Brun, program assistant – c.brun[ at ]

Zoé Libault, films traffic and guest relations – films[ at ]

Marc Vincensini, ticket office – compta[ at ]

Frédéric Fernandes, location manager

Mathilde Barriere and Vincent Faure, volunteers referents

Sébastien Mauras, activities

Jérôme De Sousa et Deborah Gombaud-Saintonge, design executives

Salustiano Hernandez, catering

Anaëlle Bissonnier, Alexia Jouve and Mathilde Ladevie, interns

Marie Amossé and Théophane Bertuit, Subtitles and overlay

Fabienne Cinquin, illustrator

Simon Rivière and Rémi Thébault,  computer graphic designers Un Air de Pixel