The jury 2013

The professional jury

2013_Mélanie BodolecMélanie Bodolec

After studying to be a cameraman in Nantes, Mélanie Bodolec travelled the festivals (Vieilles Charrues, Europavox, Pont du rock…) as a concert photographer. For three years she worked on the Guignols de l’info, Groland or Action Discrète, and then went back to her native lands to join the team at the Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest in charge of fi nding partnerships. She now devotes her time to learning sign language.



2013_Jean-Charles FinckJean-Charles Finck

Born in 1966 in Buenos Aires, he grew up on the outskirts of Paris and got accepted in the Comic book School in Angouleme. In 1999 he wrote, adapted, drew and directed his first film Gogol’s Nose. In between he directed an animated unit, Last Tube Train Before Christmas and also some episodes of The New Adventures of Lucky Luke . He co-wrote and co-directed with his partner Sandrine Stoïanov, Irinka and Sandrinka. He drew most of the storyboard for Persopolis by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Parronaud before directing the series Dragonhunters 2 for the television company France 3. Recently he has been writing different projects: short films (The Squirrel’s Tale with Sandrine Stoïanov), series (The Daltons) and the storyboards of several films….


2013_Ibtissem GuerdaIbtissem Guerda

In the beginning she trod the boards in Mantes-la-Jolie, the town she grew up in and that’s where she discovered her passion for the theatre and acting. After that she obtained numerous cameo’s on television and in 2004 she was picked for the role of Aïcha at Ambroise Michel’s side in the successful series Plus belle la vie. This experience led her to roles in short fi lms. At the same time she has taken courses in direction both for the stage and screen. Pour ton bien is the first film she has directed.

The school jury

Every year, three classes see the short films in competition in their age category and vote for their favourite film.

Jury 1

Pupils from Yronde et Buron Nursery School
Under the supervision of: Benoît Blein (Director of Cailloux millésimé selected this year in Panorama)

Jury 2

Pupils from Le Vigean Nursery School
Under the supervision of: Bruno Silva (Director of La première fois que j’ai découvert le sens de ma queue, selected in 2012’s Plein la Bobine festival)

Jury 3

Students from Marcel Bony Secondary School in Murat-le-Quaire and their German pen friends of the Realschule Himmelsthür in Hildesheim.

Under the supervision of: David Buob (Director of La Maison (Das Haus), selected this year in Maison sucrée, jardin salé in Panorama)

Audience prize

All festivalgoers from the youngest age are invited to vote for their favourite film after watching the short film programmes.

Don’t miss the ballot boxes on your way out!


All prizes for the festival will be awarded during the closing ceremony on Thursday 13 June.